Welcome to the blog for the True Christian Church!

“I have been given a vision that the world is ready for this next step in the evolution of Christianity. It is not ecuminism… it is respect of one anothers faith and coming together in the name of our Lord!”
- Mike Wilson

The True Christian Church… it includes all Christians of every walk and denomination who believe they are saved through their faith in the grace. It includes all those who know that a person may become convicted and become filled with the spirit at any time they are speaking with a true believer. Thus no one religion or denomination is more correct than another when they each meet certain criteria which sets them as True Christian Churches and they are each the right Church for those who practice those faiths.

To best understand how this works please refer to Romans 14. Thus the True Christian Church is actually all of the righteous Christian Churches combined. There is much for us to learn and understand and loving Christian fellowship is the road which will help us to understand this path to the True Christian Church.

This is not a calling out from anyone particular church unless you personally disagree with their doctrine… for this is the age of personal responsibility and we must follow that which we believe the Lord would have us do… So if you believe in a certain doctrine then you must follow it for happy are those who do these things… the true meaning of Romans 14:22.

Now is the time to come together! May you be blessed in every possible way!

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