Living And Loving

Just the other day I was out and about,
When I saw a cold man preaching to a crowd,
So I reckoned I’d listen in for awhile.

He told us of bad men and their evil ways,
Then he let us know he knew their final fate,
Shouting his moral judgment so cruel and vile.

You see he hated everyone he knew,
Seems it was cause they were not perfect or true,
So stunned I just stood there with my jaw agape,

As this cold preacher man went on to explain,
How all of us were going to hell in pain,
‘Cause sin was something we could never escape.

Now we have all heard moral judgement before,
But something here was just rotten to the core,
And yes, I’d about had all that I could take

Asking for money he told us to follow,
But this was just too much for me to swallow,
So I yelled out, “You’re full of it – you’re a fake!”

“If people can’t escape sin, why even try?
People, can be perfect and I’ll tell you why!
In simple language we can all understand!”

“You see even our Lord was wrong and changed his mind,
Look it up in your books, I’ll give you the line,
Turn to Exodus thirty-two fourteen man!”

“And, furthermore you teach hate instead of love,
Vainly taking the name of our Lord above,
When you should have shared your great faith in the grace.”

“We were told we should love God with all our might,
And loving our neighbors was the second line,
And from these two – all commandments generate.”

Well, I looked around and people were nodding,
Yet some looked angry, as if they were plotting,
So I turned and continued my soap box show,

“Some of you here today may not understand…
you might believe just as fiercely as this man,
that we do not have a choice of where to go.”

“Get a grip people and just hang on a sec’,
I have said nothing over which you should fret,
For there is still hope for all of us, you see.”

“Don’t worry about God and evolution
For faith in God above is our solution,
And arguments can damn us eternally.”

“Your salvation is completely up to you.
Its your faith, its your belief, its what you do,
Which discerns whether you’re on the righteous path.”

“So smile right now and know that you’re truly saved,
and always build upon your faith in the grace,
for living and loving is all that we have.”

As I left the crowd that bright and sunny day,
A hand grabbed my shoulder as I turned away,
Turning I saw that it was the preacher man.

I looked at this poor soul so cold in spirit,
He shivered so much I could hardly bear it,
So silently I prayed for another plan

Holding my shoulder tight, this is what he said,
“Your words have shamed me and my face is still red,
but I must tell you that you have brought me hope,”

“For I see the love of the Lord in your eyes!
Will you please forgive me my failings and pride?”
I answered with a smile and offered my coat!

- mike

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