Jesus Asked For More!

Jesus asked for more!

To become a true disciple of Jesus, we must follow him and his teachings. Jesus made everything simpler. Jesus made everything easier to understand, yet Jesus asks a lot more of us than the chosen people ever had been commanded to do to be righteous in the eyes of the Lord.

Jesus came and set aside the law for the Grace. He set aside the law, the book of Leviticus and the ten commandments with two simple commandments from which all other commandments flow.

Love God with all your might, and love your neighbor as yourself… then he expanded the love we are supposed to afford others to everyone we know or meet… even our enemies.

And then he said from these two commandments all other commandments flow. Wow! When you think about it, he actually expanded the law to include all that is against God and our neighbors… all people as a matter of fact.

He also expanded upon what we are to give. We are supposed to tithe when we can but we are also supposed to also tithe with our actions in matters of law, judgment, mercy, faith and love. In fact this is the only time he actually mentions the word tithe.

He speaks about giving though, and he speaks about this greatly. Giving when we can. More than others may ask for, like when he says to give your cloak as well to a man who asks you for your coat. Giving all that we have if it is necessary… in fact giving all that we have to the poor and following him is the ideal amount we should give.

This is not ten percent. In fact many times it is much more.

The New Testament does speak about what we should give though.

We should give what we can give cheerfully, so we do not regret giving what we do, and then giving what we can in humility or without any recognition for the gift you are making.

Now some say that the Church should not be rich. But these people are wrong. God set it up with the chosen people that the tribe of Leviticus would receive ten percent from the other 11 tribes in order for them to do the work of the church. This meant the Church had 110% and each of the tribes had 90%.

The way the money is spent should be wisely considered by the Church and it is the congregations responsibility to choose the proper elders to use these offerings as best they can to meet the objectives of the Church.

Now some Churches are rich and some are poor. But we should not allow ourselves to forget to also tithe with our actions and our love as the Lord commanded us to do the one time he mentioned tithing.

Thus we now see that to be a true disciple of the Lord, He asks a lot more from us than the law and the old testament ever did.

Give what you can cheerfully give with true humility. With time you will give more… and if anyone is counting I am sure we would soon be giving more than the Chosen people ever did when they were under the Law and the old rules for tithing.

Now for the one thing which indeed did get more simple… Before the Lord came it took eleven rabbis, teachers or church elders to come together before the temple was considered to be in session so to speak. So a church capable of communing with God could only be possible in these circumstances.

In our age, all it takes is one believer talking to another person about the Lord and the Lord will be there in the midst and this can happen anywhere, for where ever two or more are gathered in His Name there He is in their midst. Now that is exciting.

So in closing.

Go out and give by starting churches wherever you can by speaking to others about the Lord and then invite those interested to join your congregation… the rest will indeed follow.


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