Christians! Come Together!

I see the wisdom of showing each religion for what it is. …

Christianity is one of love and is practiced by those who know they are not perfect but because we are Christian we continually try our best to improve the condition of man according to our faith.

I also see the inherent dangers of trying to teach a centrist form of Christianity when we must all do as we individually believe our faith requires of us to fully meet the call of our Lord. And it is indeed different for us of different denominations at this point.

We have come to the point where we meet each other with a Christian kiss and try our best not to have doubtful disputations about the faith of our professed brothers and sisters in Christ while we each try our best to share what we believe is right for Cchristians to know, believe and follow while we are also cautious to not become stumbling blocks for our fellow professed Christians.

We have come a long way, but we still have much to learn and experience before we can meet what the Lord has impressed upon each of our hearts individually and merge ourselfs back into one body of Christ with a single set of doctrine for all Christians to follow.

There is also the problems of who gets to control the religious cirriculum being taught for all Christians to learn in school.

Now multiply these issues greatly by adding all of the other faiths. How do we define what a true religion is when we can not come to a consensus on what Christian faiths or denominations are true?

Now back to just the Christian issues. I personally believe it is such a glorious thing to see the different denominations being able to share in fellowship and help support each other through blessings and prayers.

I would love to see the true universal church open its heart back up and make the inroads for all true Christian faiths to be recognized and held to be righteous members of the body of Christ… but for now we can at least do as the Lord would have us do… not hold one another to doubtful disputations and to let the master of our fellow christian be their judge in these matters.

May God Bless Us All In This Great Endeavor!

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