Do you remember the gift of being saved?

Do You Remember? …

Hello My Brothers and Sisters In Christ! …

Do you remember what brought you to your knees before the Lord in the first place? …

…The crushing shame… the guilt you could not escape… the terrible things in your life you could not control… the confusion… the powerful realization that you were lost and that you felt you had no where to turn…

This is what others are going through all around you and many of them do not know how they can possibly deal with all their troubles or even why these troubles weigh them down so heavily.

Many of them believe they have addressed their spiritual needs… but they are still lost for one reason or another.

Many have improperly placed their faith in something which will never afford them the answers they are looking for.

Many have found the right place to gain the answers they need but don’t know that their problems can best be answered through spiritual needs.

You have the Lord in your heart and he has done so much for you. He has lifted the terrible burden of shame, confusion and sin from you so that you may live a blessed life filled with the spirit and the very light of the Lord within you.

You have come to receive the most blessed of gifts, the grace which fills you up because you have come to the Lord in faith, bowed before him and accepted him as your savior.

But there are so many who are lost and confused in their spirituality. We walk past them everyday. They may or may not go to Church… and those that do may seem quite content in their faith. Some even seem to be filled with the spirit…

But there are so many degrees of being lost to the Lord.

We must help all who we meet to understand the great gifts we have found. We must share this greatest of gifts… even with those who claim to be good with God and yet go to a Church, Mosque or Synagogue which we know will not bring them into the full glory of walking in the light, on the path of righteousness with the Lord, where the only true and lasting joy can be found in this life.

Just because they seem to be happy with their relationship with God and/or our Lord and you may feel it is not your place to interfere in their personal spiritual walk… there are many opportunities available to help folks gain what we have received… the Grace, the forgiveness, the peace and the joy of having a strong personal relationship with the Lord and the holy Spirit.

We do not have to wait until someone cries out to us for help, there are people all around us everyday who could be greatly blessed by sharing in the loving relationship you have with our Lord.

So the next time you meet someone of a faith which is not of the Lord, or when you meet someone not concerned with their spirituality at all… don’t assume that they are satisfied and therefore you should not try and offer them something better… much better… for you have an opportunity to shine forth with the pure sweet love of our Lord and to offer them this greatest of gifts.

Love and forgiveness from the one who truly matters in their life… Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

May you have a most blessed day… and an opportunity to see the truth of what I have shared here with you today!

God Bless!

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