Meek As A Mouse!

Meek As A Mouse! …

When I was born, I was premature, underweight, small, bald and cross-eyed. …

The carrier my parents had brought to the hospital to bring me home with was too big.

So they carefully put a baby blanket in a shoe box, wrapped me up and brought me home.

On the way home… Dad joked that I looked like a mouse… and that was the day I received my nick-name from my parents.

None of my other brothers had a nickname growing up other than the occasional ‘Go get ‘em Tiger’ from Mom and Dad.

They say I was a peculiar baby in that I did not cry… in fact I was too quiet… I am sure I quickly made up for that as I grew up.

But this is how I, the ‘Mouse’ started out… meek.

Being cross-eyed always sort of pushed me out of the main groups of children and even after an operation to fix my eyes I always seemed to hang back and not join in with the popular crowd.

I have since found out that I am also bi-polar.

It is these differences from other people which caused me to always take a back seat to others… and it was the great love shown to me when I was young which fostered in me a great love for everyone in my life… and having five kids in the family helped show me how to expand this love to more people in my life.

Being bi-polar causes you to lose your temper more easily than most… and I learned early in life that anytime you lose your temper and act out of righteous indignation… you have lost the argument and you have more to be repentant of than others not so afflicted.

The greatest way to overcome this weakness is to allow others to win, even when you believe you can win.

Thus, early in life, I embraced being the ‘Mouse’ and the many benefits which come with it.

The ability to empower and edify others without thought of being compensated. The ability to see the Grace in others… even when they may not see it in themselves. The ability to love others even when they are against you… are just a few of the many benefits I have realized when I apply this principle in my life… and to do otherwise in my life… ALWAYS has led to destruction.

I learned this lesson young, and would exhibit this meekness in ways my parents found very strange… such as taking the blame for something one of us boys did so that all of us would not be punished.

But being meek does not carry over well into living a life as a responsible grown up and parent where it is my duty to earn as much as I can to support my family.

The reason is, a meek person is not a very good negotiator and in being meek you take what is offered… and most people on the other side of the negotiation table… regardless if it was about my salary, a promotion or a raise… would take advantage of this.

Also being meek, appears to others as a weakness where you appear to not be sure of yourself when it comes to delivering that which you say you can do.

Combined… after a lifetime of not getting ahead because of the fact that business is heartless and downright cut-throat at times… I found myself working on my own… but I still do not have very good negotiating skills. 

The truly odd thing is… I wound up in marketing where I had to learn to be bold in my presentations… but I believe it is my meekness, which has allowed me to honestly sell anything on its own merits without too much puffery or exaggeration, that afforded me the small amount of success I have had in this field.

Now as a freelance web developer… I tell the truth when someone asks me how much something will cost… and then I find it is hard to ask for much profit… regardless if the services I perform are performed by others for much more. In fact most of my clients don’t pay me anything for my services… because I leave it up to them as to whether they feel my services have a value worth compensating.

And it is good that I am in a position to afford these services for free to see the good will of the people I work with. (It does not cost me much to afford these services for free.)

Now, in the past few years where I have drawn closer to the Lord and taken my mission more seriously I have come to this understanding that I am pretty meek in all that I do.

Being meek is not easy, as it often times means you give up much so that others may gain… but being meek does not mean you are not convicted or that you have no opinions. Being meek does not mean you will not stand up for what is right… it just adds a great amount of temperance to your actions so that what you do is carefully thought out.

The greatest gift which being meek affords us is the knowledge of what is truly important. The love of our family, friends and neighbors. That our needs are much smaller than we would first think. And the immense value of charity – because you feel as if everything you receive is a gift, regardless of how hard you worked for it.

Now I am not perfect… and I am not the most meek person you will ever meet… but I am sure grateful that I came home in a shoe box and gained the nickname ‘Mouse’, 50 years ago now, which has afforded me great and valuable lessons throughout my life.

May you be blessed in every possible way.

- mike

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