Does God Change His Mind?

Does God Ever Change His Mind? … Do your prayers and actions effect true change in the world around us?  The answer is yes… and it is up to you whether to change the world around you, for it takes action on your part to get the Lord to draw you in. It takes action on your part to receive the most blessings possible from the Lord.

No I am not talking about a prosperity doctrine… but this is where these preachers get this premise from which is actually true if not abused.

I don’t see where anyone claims God would change because of prayer… but if him changing his actions means he has changed then perhaps He does change because of prayer, blessings, laying on of hands, and our listening in the still of the night.

Ask and you shall receive… God does listen and he will change the circumstances around you… every time a new soul is brought to salvation through personal conviction, repentance and letting the Lord become their master, God’s will is being done and this brings him joy… therefore everything changes here and thus God’s outlook on us and his opinion about us changes.

What about Isaac… What if God had not stayed Abraham’s hand.

After Noah disembarked from the ark God promised he would never punish us like this again.

Just think what the world would be like if God did not change his mind and Exodus 32:14 never occurred.

When Jesus was Baptized, God said that this made him ‘Well Pleased’. This event made God speak openly to the people there.

But you are also absolutely correct when you say that God does not change.

What we see though is a perspective issue. We see life as it rolls out day by day. God is the alpha and the omega… he is at the beginning of time and he is at the end of time… so in the big picture God never truly changes… but our perception of him does… even through personal interaction with him.

As we learn more, our perspective of who God is and the role he and Jesus play in our lives changes… and indeed he does change things and people because of the prayers brought to him through our Lord.

Another question I often hear is whether Jesus was more a man or if he had all of the powers of God on earth. Well this one is easy… When the lady with the bleeding problem finally caught up to him, after following him for days, she touched the back of his robe in one of the greatest acts of faith told in the Bible… but did you catch the fact that Jesus was surprised when she touched him and turned to ask who touched him.

He was indeed a man doing his best to teach us that through our actions we become closer to God and bring His will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven with each decision we make and with every action we take.

So what does this all mean to us. Those of us trying our best to become the true disciples of the Lord. It means we must have a call to action.

This should be a loud and clear call to all Christians everywhere.

To be stronger in your faith and to be able to do great things through the Lord, he even gave us the secret to securing more of God’s power in our lives… pray and fast.

This means that we can bring more of God’s glory to earth. Each of us can. And one by one, we can unite to bring about a new call for revival and the rebirth of those who may find themselves lost.

Random acts of kindness followed by a simple ‘God Bless You!’ is a simple seed you can plant everyday… many times a day if you are ambitious.

So if you wish to build up your Church. If you wish to increase the body of Christ which congregates with you… you must have a heart wide and great to understand that all people are different and each need the same basic thing in their lives… Hope and Faith!

And it is so easily received, all they have to do is knock and the Lord will answer. Our job is to get them to knock so they can enjoy the many benefits we enjoy as Christians.

Then we must edify them and teach them the simple truth that the way of the Lord is love. Love for God and love for everyone around them, but just as important, love for themselves.

Now is the time for us to take action. We know the truth that Jesus saves… but we need to plant far more seeds every chance we get.

Yes this is a call to action… and I hope it is one that is well received for the glory is the Lord’s indeed, as he taught us the way, he became the way, and he is the way.

May the Lord bless you in every way possible.

- mike

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